Jielisi 240 laminating machine Laminator machine


Jielisi 240 laminating machine Laminator machine

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Jielisi 240 laminating machine  Product Details

  • PS: encapsulation machine use, please be sure to note down some.
  • Plastic sealed before use please warmed up for about 5 minutes or so, stay light turn green when just can use!
  • If time interval is longer please shut down after use, do not for a long time in a heated state, also don’t contact for a long time to use!
  • When using Jielisi 240 laminating machine, please pay attention to the specific requirements of the laminate film. Don’t membrane from opening side into. Don’t put, do not use empty membrane, the membrane Angle don’t use original surrounded by a membrane and membrane specifications leave too big or too small of spare. Do not laminate and the original fold too thick not smooth.
  • Please note that the correct using method and process. If due to note the above points and appear some question, please don’t panic, not failure, small problems can be simple rule out!


  • Status: encapsulation film cannot be closed, unable to produce plastic sealed effect after use.
  • Reason: the temperature is high enough; Please note that the power indicator light,
  • Methods: preheat minutes taillight green can be used
  • Status: encapsulation film roll in the machine, can’t cough up!
  • Reason: the temperature is too high, or continuous long time heating use, or powder coating film and the original is not in conformity with the use requirement and process;
  • Methods: shut off the machine, open the upper machine shell after cooling, take out the plastic sealed membrane; According to the process after restarting use can

If you have other question or above methods can’t solve, please contact us!

Please be sure to read the instruction manual and the prompt encapsulation machine!


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