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At Suitable Homes, we believe that the beauty of a space lies in its details. Our team of passionate and skilled interior designers is dedicated to transforming your vision into a living reality. Whether you're looking to revamp your home or redefine your commercial space, we offer a range of comprehensive interior design services tailored to suit your unique style and needs.


Our Serices

Kitchen Interior design, wardrobe design, Restaurant decor, Kitchen cabinets, Office partitioning, Club decor, Salon decor and Partitioning, Babber Shop and Kinyozi Decor, Gypsum Ceiling Design

Our services include:
Kitchen Interior design,
Wardrobe Design, Restaurant decoration, Kitchen cabinets, Office partitioning, Club decoration, Salon decor and Partitioning
Babber Shop and Kinyozi Decor, Gypsum Ceiling Design


Our Services

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Contact us - Suitable Homes to receive budget-friendly quotations with handsome discounts, ensuring your vision aligns seamlessly with your financial goals.

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TV Wall Unit Home Decor

Suitable Homes' Gypsum TV Wall Unit Interior design and home decor services elevate your entertainment space with creative designs, seamlessly blending modern aesthetics with functional elegance. Our expert interior designers craft gypsum TV wall units that illuminate your living space with integrated lighting solutions.

Contact Suitable Homes to transform your TV area into a statement of luxury and functionality.


Wardrobe and Closet Design

Suitable Homes, where we redefine wardrobe and closet design to complement your lifestyle. Our interior design expertise transforms these spaces into functional and stylish sanctuaries for your wardrobe essentials. From contemporary walk-in closets to space-efficient wardrobe solutions, our designs blend practicality with aesthetics.

Contact us for a consultation, and let Suitable Homes elevate your storage spaces to new heights. Discover the joy of organized living with our tailored wardrobe and closet designs
wardrobes and cloth unit closet in nairobi kenya
salon and nail spur interior design in nairobi kenya


Saloon and Nail SPA Decor

Welcome to Suitable Homes, your trusted partner in crafting chic and inviting spaces for Salons and Nail SPAs. Our expert interior design services blend style with functionality to create a relaxing and on-trend atmosphere. From trendy salon stations to tranquil nail spa retreats, we tailor designs to captivate your clientele.

Contact us to schedule a consultation and let Suitable Homes bring your vision to life, ensuring your space is as stunning as the services you provide. Elevate your salon and nail spa experience with us!


Office Wall Patterns and Setup

Our seasoned team of interior designers will exceed your expectations. With years of hands-on experience and a keen eye for detail, our professionals bring a wealth of knowledge to every project. Merging creativity with technical prowess, our team transforms spaces into stunning reflections of individual style.

From concept to execution, our seasoned designers collaborate seamlessly, ensuring a seamless and tailored experience. Explore the limitless possibilities of design with a team that understands aesthetics, functionality, and innovation.
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Aluminum Office Partitioning

We specialize in creating sleek, modern, and customizable partitions that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality. Our expert team ensures precision installation and utilizes high-quality aluminum materials, guaranteeing durability and longevity. Enhance collaboration, privacy, and overall workflow efficiency with our tailored solutions.

We cater to diverse office needs, from stylish glass partitions to innovative layouts. Elevate your workspace environment and impress clients with our top-notch aluminum office partitioning services.


Gypsum Ceiling and LED Lights

Illuminate your space with elegance through our Gypsum Ceiling Board with Lights interior design services. We specialize in creating visually stunning and functional designs that integrate seamlessly with your interior. Our gypsum ceiling boards are crafted with precision, featuring intricate patterns and textures. The addition of strategically placed lights enhances the aesthetic appeal, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Whether you prefer subtle and indirect lighting or bold and modern fixtures, our designs cater to various styles. The perfect combination of gypsum ceiling boards and lights truly captivates
Acryric Wall Design
whines and spriti club display interior design in nairobi kenya


Club Display and Decoration

We turn your club into an unforgettable destination with our expert alcohol display interior design services. Our designs blend sophistication and functionality, showcasing your alcohol selection with style. From custom display shelves to thematic decor, experiences that keep clients coming back.

Explore our portfolio for a glimpse into the possibilities. Ready to transform your club into a trendsetting hotspot? Contact Suitable Homes for a consultation and let's create a club display that raises the bar in both aesthetics and appeal



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