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  • Privacy policy
    Suitable Homes (“we” or “us” or “our”) respects the privacy of our users (“user” or “you”). This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, disclose, and safeguard your information when you visit or any other platform(s) managed by Suitable Homes, including any other media form, media channel, mobile website, or mobile application related or connected thereto (collectively, the “Site”). Please read this privacy policy carefully before you access our services. Accepting our privacy policy means that you will use our service with confidence.
    Data we collect
    During registration every member needs to provide their user name, gender, real name, phone number, email address, geographical location, profession, a national identity number and a password. This data helps either the administrator or members in every group to know whom they are dealing with. Members have an option while doing registration to make some of the information public or private. We require residence geographical area since we encourage members to join welfare groups near where they reside. This information is also important to since it helps in fighting abuse and crime.
    While making payments we collect the payment details to authenticate transactions. These details may include transaction codes, phone number, Name, credit or debit card number etc.
    While making purchases we may ask for delivery locations or points and any other information that will be relevant.
    Users or members have an option to add extra details to their profile to get extra benefits. Some of these details are profession, skills, experience, profile photo, contacts information and education. This information helps Suitable Homes to match users with products.
    Posting and uploading
    We collect data when you upload or post anything on our time line. These may include photos, contacts information, products or service information and so on.
    This helps us to keep on upgrading our services to enable you to engage and connect better with you.
    Service use
    Suitable Homes’ services log usage data when you use our service. We use log-ins, cookies, device information and internet protocol addresses to identify you and log your use.
    Cookies and related technologies
    We use cookies to recognize you, your device or browsers used to understand your needs better. You can always choose to deactivate these cookies.
    Your Device and Location
    We receive data using cookies and related technologies on the type of device you are using and the internet service provider. Based on your device setting (which enables or disables location identification) we may also identify your location to connect you to groups or friends near you. We receive url of the site you came from and the one you are going to. Your location helps us to match you to groups, learning centers, tutors, trainers or opportunities near you. Workplace or school information is provided freely by the users of the platform so that they can connect better with other users who may be group members, alumni, former coworkers, friends or customers.
    Data usage
    We use this data to personalize services, to upgrade systems (after conducting a survey) and to ensure that our services (which may include ads) are relevant to you. This data also helps you to make choices on which group to join and whom to connect with. This data enables you to search other members, groups, services, opportunities, directories and products with ease. Its this data that we collect that we are able to generate insights of service usage, membership, number of groups and their location, ads to be placed and professions.
    We recommend services and products to members based on the data we collect. Our Services allow you to collaborate with group members or friends, search for potential clients, customers, partners and others to do business with. They also allow you to search for products and services within the platform(s) easily. We may notify you about orders that are being processed, terminated or delayed via email or sms if your settings allow. We send emails to notify you about promotions, new offers, new arrivals, to notify you about an ongoing progress of complains or activities, upcoming events etc.
    This information and data also helps us while offering customer support. We use data and relevant communications to carry out an investigation, which helps in resolving issues and complaints that may arise while using the system.
    Security and fraud are serious crimes. Collected data may be used to prevent fraud, to carry out investigations of a possible security concern, fraud or attempts to harm a member and to investigate violations of terms of services.
    Information sharing
    When you opt to link your Suitable Homes account with other services, your data will become available to them. It is important to note that their policies will also apply.
    It is important to note that we share information with affiliates to provide and develop our service(s). We also share this information with service providers such as fraud detecting agencies, maintenance, audit, payments, credit, marketing and development.
    In an event where Suitable Homes wants to form a merger or to sell part of its services or the whole business, we can also share personal data in preparation of such events or after with the relevant parties involved.
    It is also possible to share this information with government enforcement agencies when:
    – required by law,
    – under legal process (when demanded to do so)
    – to assist in investigation when an illegal activity occurs or it’s suspected.
    – to defend ourselves against third party claims or allegations and
    – to protect integrity of our service.
    We may fail to share this information with the above mentioned parties if they fail to prove the need or when we see that the given reason is vague and unreasonable. It’s important to note that every county has its own policies that guide data sharing and have to be followed to the later.
    User obligation and choices
    A user can choose to retain data with us or to delete it completely. If you close your account, you lose all the data.
    It is also good to note that you can access your data anytime as long as you have internet. There are instances where your geographical location or government directives and policies can limit you from accessing this data. You can also be limited to access the data in case we are experiencing technical hitches or while undertaking regular maintenance or upgrades. We will assure you that we will work hard to ensure that the service is always uptime and accessible to all the users.
    Since we operate in an online environment which has various attacks, we work hard to keep you data secure though we don’t warrant the security of any information that you send us. There is no guarantee that data may not be accessed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed by breach of any of our physical, technical, or managerial safeguards.
    We work tirelessly to ensure that your data is secure. We keep on monitoring our systems regularly for possible vulnerabilities and attacks to keep your data safe.
    We will keep on updating this privacy policy from time to time with or without your consent. We will be informing you after making any changes on this document, so that you can update yourself with the changes. You can also be checking the privacy policies regularly, just in case you fail to receive a notification of changes made or we fail to send you a note notifying you of the changes.
    We would like to urge all users to be responsible while sharing any information that maybe sensitive within our services or in any of our platforms.
    We store and use your data outside your country. We process data both within Africa and outside Africa. We follow all lawful guidelines in regard to cross border data transfer.
    We conduct direct marketing with third parties with or without your consent.
    If you have any questions or queries regarding this policy, please free to email us on
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