Excavator for hire

Excavator for hire

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Excavator for hire

An Excavator is a construction equipment or machine used to dig or break earth with it’s bucket to create trenches, holes, demolishing buildings, landscaping and material handling.

There are different types of excavators namely;

– Wheeled excavator
– Dragline excavator
– crawler excavator
– Suction excavator
– Long reach excavator
– Mini excavator

available excavators for hire

How  to get an excavator for hire

Suitable homes is the best company offering excavation service works. we offer machines and services around east African countries which include Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda with affordable prices.

Suitable Homes do services such civil works, drainage/trench works, demolition of buildings, road construction, dumping services etc.

You can hire building and excavation equipment or machinery with us on Hourly basis, weekly basis, monthly basis, quarterly basis or annual basis depending on the service needed. Depending on how long you want the service or use the machine you get better deals with quarter or the annual basis. Leasing allows access to a required machinery without a lot of money upfront.

We have a strategic management system as suitable homes is on call daily to receive your inquiries from you on the available equipment and our rate depending on what you want as our client. We tend to provide maximum satisfaction for short or long-term works/ services needed.

At suitable homes we provide certified and experienced operators for all the equipment. We as well offer transport services for the machinery to and Flo our client’s site at a cost. This cost depends on distance to be covered and it’s called mobilization and demobilization.  We value you as our client and so we go for quality services for you as a client.

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