20cc Syringe


20cc Syringe

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20cc Syringe

20cc Syringe features

  • 20cc syringe has a capacity of 20 cubic centimeters (cc) or milliliters (ml) which indicates the maximum volume of fluid it can hold
  • Barrel the syringe is typically marked with graduated measurements to allow for accurate measurement and administration of liquids.
  • Have a  Lock tip, which is a standardized screw-type mechanism that ensures a secure connection between the syringe and the needle or other medical devices.
  • Made with a plunger which is the movable part of the syringe that allows the user to draw in or push out the fluid is equipped with a thumb grip or a finger flange for easy handling.
  • Medical syringes are typically sterile to prevent contamination during medical procedures.
  • Disposable syringes are often used to avoid the need for sterilization.
  • Have color-coded components to make it easier for healthcare professionals to identify different syringe sizes quickly
  • The  Lock tip allows for easy attachment of hypodermic needles, facilitating various medical procedures such as injections or blood withdrawal
  • Latex-free which reduces the risk of allergic reactions for both patients and healthcare professionals.
  • The transparent or semi-transparent barrel allows the user to see the contents and measure them accurately.
  • Always follow proper medical guidelines and instructions when using syringes
  • Dispose of syringes safely in designated medical waste containers.


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